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The Latest Campaign News…

Kathy Comments on City Budget & Tax Revenue

On Monday night, council discussed the the city manager’s proposed budget that included a 1% meals tax hike. I'm grateful to members of the restaurant community who came out to speak about the impact it would have on their business and on the thriving food scene in Charlottesville (a city that Forbes called the “locavore capital of the world” just four years ago.  I'm also grateful to the public at large who spoke out in support of our schools as well as our local restaurants. It's important to ensure the budget stays balanced this year and we maintain our stellar reputation for fiscal stability. It is also important that we meet the fiscal needs of our public schools and local police. However, with the meals tax most of the burden to pay for essential services will fall on city … [Read More...]

Kathy’s Vision: Building ” a beautiful city where all children thrive”

Why do I want another four years on City Council and why should you re-elect me? The skills I’ve acquired in my profession, the values I’ve inherited from my parents, and the affection I feel for this City, all shaped the principles of my 2011 campaign: Charlottesville can be Greener, Smarter, Stronger by Design. These same principles have guided my decisions on City Council from day one and act as a scorecard of my tenure. They remain the bedrock of my platform in 2015, to build “a beautiful city where all children thrive.” With my Council, this is what I’ve done…... To Protect the Environment=Greener. Across the country, the places we live, visit, and value are threatened by a changing climate. To restore the planet and become healthier ourselves, we need to make it easier for people … [Read More...]